Guess who’s getting married?!

Well I’m engaged to the most amazing guy ever. I’m so excited to marrying him. It’s weird that I never thought I would get married. It always been one of my fears. I was afraid that I would get married to someone who really didn’t love and just used me just for marriage. But that fear is no more. I found the man I love to death.

It feels great and amazing to finally one that one person you want to be with for the rest of your life. And that person wants to be with you forever and start a family. It’s just awe. Amazing.

I obviously had to go through shit to finally find the good. I may to young to even think about getting married or have kids. But what does it matter. I’m with someone I want to be with for the rest of my life. And what age is the right age to have kids. I think having kids young (Not 16 and younger) is a good idea because then you have a lot of energy to keep up with your kids (I stole that from my Fiance). I’m 20 going to be 21 in less than 2 weeks. I’m young and having my son at 20 is the best thing ever.

Wow I totally went off topic there. Sorry. Hey I told you before that this was going to happen (If you haven’t. Read my about me or whatever it’s call). Anyways…I’m so happy to be engaged.

I’ll be getting married next year hopefully in April on the 18th. I found the most amazing and beautiful place ever. It’s so gorgeous that I cried after seeing the place. I knew that it was the place I wanted to get married at. I could see everything. I could see myself walking down the aisle with my parents, seeing my fiance’s face, seeing my son walking about with his cousin, seeing how my pictures are going to be, seeing my first dance with my new husband, and seeing everyone enjoying themselves. I saw everything.

I’m just so excited for that day. I dream about it every night. I also think about it a lot. I already have my bridesmaids picked out😀

I’m looking at dresses for me, hairstyles for me and my bridesmaids, makeup ideas, decorations, attire for the groom and groomsmen, attire for my little ring bears, colors, and theme. I’ll waiting until my fiance comes back to pick out cake ideas and food. Since I gave him the easy jobs. I do ask for his opinion and thoughts about what he would like in our wedding. He also say “whatever you want to do.” (Sighs)

Anyways, that’s all my thoughts about all that.


My son is here!!!

So 3 weeks and 3 days ago I had my son Jackson. He was suppose to be here on the 30th, but he wanted to come early. So he’s actually a late premie. I’m so happy he’s here and healthy. Like every mommy, I cried once I saw him and I held him in my arms once he was out. He did hold my finger in his hand. Best moment.

He was born on October 3, 2013 at 11:01. He weighted 5 lb. 11 oz and 19 in. long.

Welcome to the world Jackson William.

Likes and dislikes of being pregnant


  • Find out new things about myself
  • Getting close with boyfriend’s family
  • Finally weighting 100 lbs.
  • Making new friends that are pregnant, too
  • Bring a new member to the family
  • Being closer to my boyfriend


  • Not being able to do the things I want
  • Sex not being the same
  • Not having my old body
  • My clothes not fitting anymore
  • Being told what to do
  • Being sick